Web Centers USA & Windley Works will install CleanTalk on your website, configure it, and maintain the service.

We are offering this service for only $2/month. This would be added to your monthly hosting fee. Contact us today and you will be protected within two days.

100% protection against spam bots

To identify and block spam bots, CleanTalk uses a series of tests, invisible to the visitor of the website. This allows 100% protection from spam bots to be provided, without the need to install extra protection.

Regular updates

We regularly release updates to the anti-spam module. Our modules always meet new versions of CMS and we are constantly expanding supported CMS.

No Captcha, no questions, no puzzles

Protection by CleanTalk allows you to switch from methods that complicate communication with your visitors (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.) to a more convenient one.

Detailed statistics

CleanTalk is a transparent anti-spam protection. We provide detailed statistics of all entered comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors. We have developed a mobile app for you to see anti-spam statistics, wherever and whenever.

Fraud Prevention With CleanTalk Database

More and more transactions are going online and this is where we can help you in bad IP-addresses detection. CleanTalk has one of the biggest spam activity database of IP/email addresses. Every day CleanTalk gets information about thousands of new spam IPs/emails and some of these IP are used for card fraud too.

Cloud-Based spam filtering service

CleanTalk is a Cloud-Based spam filtering service that allows you to protect your website from spam. CleanTalk provides spam protection that invisible to visitors without using captcha or other methods when visitors have to prove that they are real peoples.

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