Web Centers USA, a subsidiary of Spotlight Consulting, LLC, has been blessed with many good and loyal clients over the years. We have asked a few of them to provide us with feedback that we could share with others.
We believe in great customer service and we are committed to always putting the best interest of our clients first. “What’s best for our clients, is always what is best for us in the long run!”
After working with Petur on three major website projects and over four years of hosting service, I would highly recommend his services to all my friends, family and business colleagues. Petur’s attention to detail and relentless work ethic has helped offer my business the ability to present ourselves to the marketplace at the highest level. In a time of point, click and purchase, Petur has developed a business model of personal attention to his clients with a relationship based approach that puts the customer’s interests #1 at all times! I strongly encourage anyone looking for hosting, website construction or web based business development consultation to work with Petur at WebCenters USA.
John Conrad

Partner, SUR.FA.CES, Petoskey, MI

Working with Spotlight Consulting/Web Centers USA has been a blessing for my restaurant. Petur is a very knowledgeable about web site design and maintenance. He’s always there to help me out with any issues that my site may have, whether it be changing content or new additions. Petur is constantly talking about new ideas and approaches that may be beneficial to marketing my restaurant on the web. I have and will continue to recommend Spotlight Consulting/Web Centers USA to anyone I know that is looking for a media person.
Ryan Soule

Owner, Oakwood Bistro, Kalamazoo, MI

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